Tokachi Hills grand opening celebration event “GARDEN PICNIC 2016”

Tokachi Hills celebrated its grand opening on July 9 and 10. They held the event “GRAND PICNIC,” people enjoyed a great weekend with great food in an environment with flowers and greens.


Tokachi Hills grand opening celebration “GARDEN PICNIC 2016”

“Tokachi Hills”, located in Makubetu-Cho Nakagawa-Gun Hokkaido, celebrated its grand opening on July 9 and 10. Some people may wonder, “hadn’t Tokachi Hills already opened?”. In fact, Tokachi Hills has been planning and constructing restaurants, shops, and gardens for seven years. 

And finally finished! So “GARDEN PICNIC”, which was held for two days, was intended to show the fully completed construction of Tokachi Hills.

Workshops were walk-in and first-come-first registered basis

There are full of flowers and greens in Tokachi Hills, the venue of this event! People can enjoy however they want; picnic, reading books or chatting. Many workshops were held as well.
For example, how about making soy sauce using equipment exists everywhere and crops that are naturally farmed in Tokachi?


Everything looked interesting! 




Delicious Tokachi Food 

Special food area was dedicated to providing all the delicious stuff in Tokachi. The theme was “Tokachi food to eat in the garden”, various menus such as vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and sweets were provided. Delicious beer and drinks were available as well.

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Restaurant in the garden, garden music, and carriage of bamba races

The restaurant “Viz” in the garden features the head chef Moldovan Victor. Special menu mixed Tokachi and Hungary was provided. 



Other than that, there were also garden music, carriage of bamba races, and “Gluck Zakka Market” which was popular in Sapporo was first held in Tokachi. 

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