The souvenir with a great impact! What is the specialty of Hakodate limited 50 sales per day?

What is this? This is a specialty of Hakodate. I will introduce this product for your souvenir which has a great impact. 

“Don’t make sashimi with this” ?

Hokkaido Shinkansen has started operating!
Some of you may be planning to travel with Hokkaido Shinkansen.
I would like to recommend this Yokan for travelers to southern Hakodate for your souvenir. (Yokan is a kind of Japanese confection) This is a Yokan produced by the long established confectionery “Hakodate Yanagiya” which is established in 1927. 

Funny messages saying “Raw. Freshly caught” “don’t make sashimi with this” are written on the package. This is a joke from the confectionery.
When you open the lid, the picture of the sunrise in Hakodate City and a squid saying “Good morning!” pops out.
This product is filled with love to Hakodate!

The shiny Ika Yokan was sitting in the box. The visual impact is big so people who try to make people surprise come to buy this product for a souvenir.

The president Mr. Wakasugi says that the history goes back to 1997. A confectioner at Yanagiya made a squid shaped Yokan for a display to celebrate the renovation of the main branch’s building. The squid was popular and it got people’s attention so they decided to make the squid Yokan for sale. 


How is the taste…?

Because the shape, many people think that this Yokan tastes like squid but relax, this is a confection. The Yokan is coffee taste!
Yokan wraps mochi and coffee flavored paste so it was very chewy! The taste of coffee and the sweetness filled my mouth. The Yokan was very delicious actually. 
To make this on sale, they experimented many flavors such as white bean paste but it became coffee taste because it matched with both green tea and coffee. Later on, they heard customers saying “the color looks like liver of squid” so they felt their decision was right after all. 

Of course, each one is handmade! They have to wait for a whole day to make the shape of the Yokan fixed, so one squid needs 2 days to be produced. They are limited to 50 sales each day. It is not rare that the Yokan becomes sold out by the end of the afternoon. This is a rare souvenir. The price is 1,188 yen per one squid. 
Ika Yokan is sold only at the main branch but they accept reservations and also purchasable from e-commerce.
Why don’t you get this funny confection “Ika Yokan” for a souvenir from your south Hokkaido or Hakodate trip?​