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Release | Yuki Konishi

“Farm Restaurant Huis” the restaurant around Hokkaido Shinkansen stations


“Farm Restaurant Huis” just opened by the street in front of Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station. Their specialty dish is plenty of self-cultivated vegetables.

畑のレストランゆいの外観など▲The restaurant opened on the same day as Hokkaido Shinkansen. It is 2 minutes walk from the station.

It was still winter  and the outside was without any greens, but red tomatoes welcomed me. There are 3 plastic greenhouses which grow vegetables with solution culture near the restaurant. Vegetables can be picked anytime. Of course, they have a huge farm and vegetables grown outdoors will be provided in spring and autumn.
Their recommended menu is “Today’s Special Plate”. You can get to choose between “meat plate” or “fish plate”. Hokkaido produced beef steak was the main dish for “meat plate” on the day I covered. Red wine and onion sauce determine the taste. Other than the main, the plate contains various foods using local ingredients such as risotto using local rice Fukkurinko. And the salad using plenty of self-cultivated vegetables is free refill.​

本日のスペシャルプレート▲“Today’s Special Plate” is 1,450 yen. There are going to be more kinds of menus as the outside get warm and vegetables grow. Such as “Farm Curry” with plenty of vegetables.

Inside is a well-lighted stairwell. The second floor is also available.
Also, they are preparing a menu with picking experience after autumn. Huis is the restaurant provides safe, secured vegetables and delicious, fun time! 

畑のレストランゆいの店内▲The space in the back is a community space named “Atelier Yui”. They try to be the door = Huis to connect the local community.
  • “Farm Restaurant Huis” the restaurant around Hokkaido Shinkansen stations

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Yuki Konishi