Snow is our best friend in Hokkaido!

There is a plaything called “snow” all outside in winter Hokkaido. Even you are without equipments such as ski or snow board, you are able to play for a whole day with snow by sliding and rolling around.


Playing with fluffy snow is the true pleasure

The snowy night is so quiet. When you look outside in the morning, newly piled up snow is sparkling in the sun. People from outside of Hokkaido might be impressed by this scenery, but to the locals in Hokkaido it is a daily thing. And to children, this fluffy fresh snow will be the plaything that they were waiting for.



Children cover their body with snow wears, then run and roll and play in the fresh snow. 


Don’t you remember when you are a child?

If you are from Hokkaido or any other regions with heavy snowfalls, please think about the time when you are a child.

Didn’t you create snow mountains like this at school or any park near your house? Or if you are from the house with huge site such as farmers, you should have snow mountains like this made by clearing the snow.


It is fun to slide the mountain with mini ski or sleigh, but the basic is this; slide with your body, or roll, sometimes jump. This is the most fun way to play! No worries if you fall down, the fluffy snow acts as a buffer.






Dogs are the best partner when playing with snow. It does not matter if the girl is playing with the dog or the dog is playing with the girl. They both get all covered by snow.


Then when they get too tired, they fall down. lol

The good part about playing with snow is you can sit and lay down anywhere.




Snow is very cold but when you are playing you will be tired and get all sweaty. Doesn’t your memory playing with snow come back if you are in the snow?

By watching these children, adults become to want to dive into snow too! 


To the locals in Hokkaido it is a common and daily thing but if you are from outside of Hokkaido, playing with snow might be an attractive thing to do.

If you have any opportunity, why not experience this fun?


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