"Koubashiya" - ObihiroBread with a gentle, fluffy texture and delicious taste.

"Koubashiya" is a small bakery located in Obihiro, Hokkaido.
In just a five square meter space, this cute restaurant offers over 20 kinds of bread. Everything from hard breads to sweet buns.

Ms. Kiyoshi Watanabe works alone in the shop, diligently hand-making every piece of bread. When owning her own bread shop was still just a dream, she spent time traveling Japan, visiting many different places in search of the perfect location.
"While traveling Japan I found many delicious foods, but nothing could compare to the quality of the ingredients in Hokkaido." So Ms. Watanabe headed back to her hometown of Obihiro and in spring of 2013 she opened up "Koubashiya."


This shop hopes to give customers a chance to enjoy unique breads every day,
The wheat, dairy-products, legumes, and vegetables used are all Tokachi grown, and the breads are all made without any additives or preservatives so they're very healthy.
"The reason I chose to use ingredients from Tokachi is because it is familiar to my customers and quite healthy. I think using local ingredients is an important part of owning a local business."


"I love being able to tell my customers about each of the ingredients used." says Watanabe. She also has a special place in her heart for the charm of Tokachi. "I love the clear blue skies of the area in both the summers and winters."

These healthy breads are great for the body and soul, as is talking with the charming Ms. Watanabe. If you have a chance to visit Obihiro in the future, be sure to stop by for a taste!

●パン香房 こうばしや (Koubashiya)
帯広市西4条南14丁目19-1 寿ハイツ1F
(Kotobuki Heights 1F, 19-1 Nishi 4-Jyo Minami 14-Chome, Obihiro)
TEL: 050-3577-5848
Open from 10:00 to 7:00 ※or until sold out
Closed on Wednesdays.
・Home Page
http://www.cobo5848.net (Japanese)
・On Facebook
※Interview from late May, 2013.